Long Island's Premier Cover Band

shot glass nickel

They just couldn’t stomach another night of “Play That Funky Music” or “Brown Eyed Girl.”


After decades of playing separately in successful bands, the members of Shot Glass Nickel began to understand the importance of keeping “the rest” of classic music alive. The music everyone knows and loves, but is not heard at every bar, wedding and yard party. Much more than your average band of weekend musicians, Shot Glass Nickel is a refreshing collaboration of seasoned musicians who have spent years perfecting their collective instruments. They strive to find the music that will pack a punch, evoke a memory, and keep a crowd moving, doing it all with a bluesy hard-cutting edge. 

Shot Glass Nickel is:


Jeff Michaels (Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica) – Jeff has been a veteran member of the Long Island music scene for decades; both as a premiere guitarist and songwriter. His contributions to bands such as Morningside Drive, Sleeper, Calico, Sez U!, The Jeff Michaels Group, and Earthbound are substantial. His talent is a driving force of SGN and his vibrancy is contagious.

Allison Paris (Lead Vocals) –Allison’s professional singing career began at the age of 18 in a blues band called Sleeper, led by none other than Jeff Michaels (above) After that successful (and addictive) leap onto front stage, she spent several years singing with The Hits, then crushed the wedding business in one of Long Island’s most successful wedding bands, Afterglow. Switching gears completely, she then developed a very successful jazz career, released a jazz standards album (Second Chances) then took some time off… eventually being gladly pulled full circle back onto the rock scene by Jeff… the rest is history!

Kevin Malone (Bass) – Kevin’s heavy-hitting, soul-rocking bass playing completely glues the SGN rhythm section together.  He’s been rocking Long Island’s best venues for years in bands like Our Generation, Earthbound and SGN. Don’t let his laid-back personality fool you, once Kevin lets loose, his playing burns up the stage in a hailstorm of musicality that will blow your socks off.

Joe Crocilla – (Drums and Vocals) – The force Joe brings to SGN, both through his exceptional playing and his impenetrable personality, can never be explained. It must be experienced. Over the years Joe has lent his skills to bands such as Ohio Express, Triad (jazz trio), Boxx, Pulse Five and Earthbound. SGN is lucky to have Joe.. the crowd is even luckier!